You Can Repeat these Four Phrases to Solve a Specific Problem in Your Life

You Can Repeat these Four Phrases to Solve a Specific Problem in Your Life

12/02/2022 0 By Irene Walsh

Connecting with the inner child is one of the most important relationships you can create within yourself. This is the relationship between your conscious mind of the mother and the unconscious mind of the child. Having an ideal and loving relationship between mother and child will give you the opportunity to clear the memories leading to problems without even thinking about it. With the help of a conscious mind, you can make decisions, and you positively know your thoughts.

Your consciousness stores everything that you know now, and in your subconscious there are all thoughts and images that you do not know; because of this, the subconscious is infinitely deeper than the conscious mind. It is generally accepted that the conscious mind can hold only seven bits of information with two more or less at any time. Your subconscious mind has existed since you were born and has an infinitely greater ability to communicate. It is the subconscious mind that stores all the memory leading to problems that you should forget.

The feeling of loneliness and fatigue from life is a problem that everyone can cope with. You are experiencing stress in financial matters, workplace problems, difficulties in your relationship and many other stressful factors. Ho’oponopono allows someone to develop a relationship with the divine source within themselves and question the mistakes made in thoughts that give freedom from the past. Inner child meditation helps to connect with your inner child, forcing you to develop a loving relationship with yourself, which leads to increased well-being.

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