Who is My Guardian Angel? Identify Them with Your Date of Birth

Who is My Guardian Angel? Identify Them with Your Date of Birth

11/02/2022 0 By Irene Walsh

Your divine protector regularly sends you messages and helps you make the right choice on your way. Now, although it may seem to you that you subconsciously know them, you may not realize that you can also turn to them for advice and guidance. Do you want to get in touch with your own Guardian Angel, the one who has been taking care of you since you were born? If so, you will be pleased to know that by simply using your date of birth, you can find the name of your Angel, learn how to address them and learn how to ask them for help. It’s finally time for you to learn more about what your spiritual mentor has to offer you.

Getting to know your guardian angel is also about getting to know yourself, because your angel is someone who plays a role in many different aspects of your life, although they can be quite secretive. Fills you with various energies that help and guide you throughout your daily life.

Nevertheless, time can be very important in communicating with angels and in angelology in general. There is a certain time to communicate with each angel, and there is also a mirror clock that your angel uses to send you information. You will also get to know the planets that affect it and the element it represents. Finally, you will find out what it is, what it gives you and what kind of stone it correlates with.

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