Survival Kit: What Everyone Needs to Have with Them

Survival Kit: What Everyone Needs to Have with Them

14/02/2022 0 By Irene Walsh

In those situations when it comes to the struggle for life, the more you know and know how – the better. And despite the fact that it is unrealistic to prepare for each of the possible troubles, it is better to be at least approximately aware of how to act in various emergency scenarios. And you never know which of the randomly received survival tips will help you escape in a difficult moment.

It is for people whose lives are constantly fraught with dangers that preliminary preparation, both physical and psychological, is very important. Rescuers, servicemen of many branches of the armed forces, tourists going on long-distance routes, many scientists and researchers must necessarily go through a complete adaptation process beforehand, as a result of which the body gradually acquires a previously absent resistance to certain environmental factors and, thus, gets the opportunity to “live in conditions previously incompatible with life.”

None of us knows what the future holds for him. Therefore, we must be prepared for any twists of fate that may bring us living conditions that are completely opposite to those in which we are used to living. It is very difficult to predict what might happen. We can expect a political uprising, a natural disaster, and even an accident. Responsibility for our own lives in any of these situations will fall solely on ourselves.

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