Success Using the Power of Belief

Success Using the Power of Belief

25/04/2022 0 By Irene Walsh

Discover the secret key to work miracles and control all the forces of the universe to fulfill all your desires… Much more than the Law of Attraction, Visualization, Affirmations, Prayers or other manifestation techniques!

This ebook reveals the scientific evidence regarding the Power of Faith, outlines a step-by-step action plan to discover what you really believe (and why it may be very different from what you think you believe), and how to change limiting beliefs to support a more empowered life.

Choose To Believe reveals the answers to many of the world’s biggest problems. Poverty, sickness, discord, loneliness, depression, frustration, and ‘bad luck’ can all become distant memories.

This isn’t a book offering mystical mumbo-jumbo, nor should you think of it as a father patting you on the back and saying “Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay” without a definite plan for making it okay.

You’ll discover how to properly use visualization, affirmations, hypnosis and a little technique that many people don’t realize exists… with clear-cut examples and mistakes to avoid.

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